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After 25 years evading the obstacles of the power behind the curtain to be able to tell only the truth, free of censorship and filtersDanielEstulin.tv is born 

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What you will never see in traditional media. With 25 years in military counterintelligence, Daniel Estulin presents options to the globalist agenda

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On this platform you will find all the audiovisual reports of Daniel Estulin, and exclusive interviews with leading figures, all in relation to what is to come and what you can do about it. This monthly membership gives you access to all upcoming audiovisuals without filter or censorship, which you can watch and listen to wherever and whenever, at your convenience.

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Studying Daniel and with Daniel is a discipline. I dare say that it is a pedagogical process with high doses of self-discipline. It is not easy. It is little by little that he is building it. I am subscribed to the newsletters and listen to them several times, until eventually I manage to connect the pieces. His style is not the important thing, it is a luxury at your fingertips. Do you accept the challenge?

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